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Image by Mike Kenneally


Union Pipefitter
Scott Pelfrey
The Pelfrey Family

My journey as a Union Pipefitter/Welder who’s also an avid traveler and coffee enthusiast is truly fascinating. Falling in love with European coffees during my latest job there and then taking matters into your own hands by starting to roast my own coffee is a testament to my passion and dedication. It’s nice to have a hobby that has evolved into a relaxing and enjoyable backporch sitting job.

It's evident that my passion for coffee runs in the family, my son shares my love for it and is excited about creating special brews and different flavors when he is finished with college. Being incredibly supportive to hope that my coffee roasting venture will not only allow me to pursue my passion but also become a stepping stone for my son to pursue his dream of opening a coffee shop/bar after college.

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